The history of America is often told  through heroic battles and deeds.

There are however moments, quiet moments in history that  can make great  changes .

These  are the historical events  that I have chosen to paint.

The subject of America's quiet History is as diverse as the LENAPE MASK MAKERS, the MUNITION MAKERS 1778 and  THE HARLEM HELL FIGHTERS.

American history is filled with these quiet and lesser known moments.

The painting to the left depicts President Washington receiving a letter and a gift from the Marquis De Lafayette, The letter reads:

"A tribute which I owe to him as a son to my adoptive family, as an aide-de-camp

to my general, as a missionary of liberty to its Patriarch"

Lafayette sent Washington the key to the Bastille.

Oils on board, 24x30

Below  on the left I have painted a little known  fact. On his way to  France onboard the REPRISAL franklin took temperature measurements and  discovered the warm current that flowed across the cold Atlantic Thus his discovery of the GULF STREAM.

Besides Mr. Franklin is the lone eastern frontiersman trying to warm his tired bones. This scene was played out a thousand times in our history.